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Watch how easy it is to make IMMO OFF in Delphi DCM3.5 ECU from Citroen / Peugeot cars. This solution is available in Julie ... Due to new regulations, we no longer sell EGR Delete Kits or EGR Delete programming, but we still offer performance tunes!Decapitaciones de los zetas
Apr 28, 2019 · I did have problem whit EGR valve, my van Renault master dci100 2.5l, 2005 year, problems no power up to 2500 rev, I changed EGR valve, still same problem, then I just unplugged cables from EGR valve, simple and it works, I believe no wan say anything about electric fault, this is the 5v power supply from ECU, I attached link from yotube how to ...

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The EGR Delete is basically worthless for horsepower gain. I would reinstall and re-enable the EGR system. The PCM uses EGR flow to reduce emissions and cool the cylinder temp so the mixture can be leaner for best gas mileage under cruise...

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My EGR Delete experiment,Facts & Figures,384 Kms Hi all.i am sharing my findings during attepmts to delete/block my EGR valve without any engine check lightsand without using any re-flash or piggyback.I have JDM Fit Hybrid RS 2012,it has same engine as CRZ,the LEA.i did this because i intend to...

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*Off-road use only, only sold and shipped within Canada This Bully Dog DPF Triple Dog GT Tuner features a 2.5" Color screen. It allows removal of DPF/Cat, EGR and Urea injection. It has Built in gauges and safety features and allows you to precisely tune your engine with HP gains. It also allows you to remove or adjust

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1. Diesel engine control. 2. Winols Guide. 3. Understanding ECU maps Part 1. 4. Understanding ECU maps Part 2. 5. Winols...Making map changes...EGR example. 20. EDC17 swirl flap delete. 21. EDC17 Guide to maps. 22. how to use winols file compare.

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Works by replacing the Barometer sensor, 100% safe and cheaper than ECU flashing (EGR system must be fully functional). T Plug-and-Play all without voiding vehicle warranty, can easily be removed when vehicle is serviced and inspected.

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Car Ecu. Software. Abs. How To Remove. HugeDomains.com - Shop for over 300,000 Premium Domains. V2016.02 DPF Removal And Egr Delete Software is Professional DPF+EGR Remover 3.0 software.

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ECU FILES Solutions for You. TC Performance is also own proprietary solutions used in popular software available on the market. Thanks to Reverse Engineering wy can handle every case. Years of experience make us a leader in vehicle ECU remapping. We can disable DPF, EGR, adBlue, DTC and more… We do not use unproven solutions.

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so when you go to get a map and a egr delete is the delete part done with a plate or through the ecu? if through the ecu does it still need the plate? i was under the impression the egr delete was it being turned off through the ecu, i have looked in to a map and the egr delete and can't remember reading anything about a blanking plate so persumed it was done electrical.

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Sep 20, 2005 · 1) rip out EGR valve (7 bolts, some are tough). and since the delivery tube goes like 10 inches into the intake manifold, i had a hard time wrestling it out and ended up just hacking it off with my angle grinder. 2)fabricate some block off plates. i used 1/8" thick aluminum, and just used the gaskets as templates to hack them out with my grinder.

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For all 2005–2018 Detroit™ engine models, we are able to provide programming and tuning solutions remotely via Internet.. All you need is a laptop and a connector (i.e., Nexiq USB-link, DLA, Vocom, or any similar interface) and we will do the rest.

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