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The faction hit that you take is Venril Sathir, which is the same as the faction in the outpost in the Overthere. If you hunt here long enough, you will no longer be welcome in your only outpost on Kunark Ammu k biye korl
Jul 02, 2019 · Venril Sathir (Faction) From Project 1999 Wiki. Jump to: navigation, search. The outpost of dark elves in the Overthere are loyal to Venril. Zones in which you can raisethe faction. Zones in which you can lowerthe faction. Dreadlands. Emerald Jungle. Skyfire Mountains.

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The faction is entirely on Venril Sathir faction, the same faction that exists in the Overthere outpost. Fighting here will quickly result in you becoming KOS in that outpost, which can be problematic for an...

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Автор сообщения: Venril Sathir.

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Overthere: Vaean the Night: +2765, +2330 ( Venril Sathir faction ). Turn In: Convergence, Defoliation, Splurt, Thrall of Bones. Reward (Random): Minion of Shadows, Sacrifice, Scent of Terris, Shadowbond.

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Karnor's Castle, Kaesora, and Charasis are all on Venril Sathir faction - the same faction as the Overthere Outpost. If you hunt in those zones, you rapidly lose your ability to conveniently bank in The...

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No other boot at this price has a pedigree like the Faction Snowboard Boot. With Salomon's focus on boot DNA—the fit, response, and durability is the deal of the decade.

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She fell in love with Emperor Venril Sathir, a creature that treated her with what could only be called After her death Venril bound her bones to guard his phylactery deep in the long-dead city of Charasis.

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...and Venril Sathir took over the then-emptied Sebilis; according to the Iksar, the lizard-like people who have united under Venril to earn miracles or blessings, one time use abilities that cost faction to buy.

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During the fight Venril will cast Toxic Infusion, which is an AOE that is on a 38s timer. You have 6 seconds to cure this Noxious effect from your raid. Cure it or die from a follow-up spell called Fatalisis. Bring potions in case you don't have group noxious cures in every group. At 65% Venril will emote how he will finish the fight.

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NPC summary. Gender : Male / Undead. Body Type : Undead / Unknown. Race : Bertoxxulous / Venril Sathir. Class : Warrior Warrior Guildmaster.

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Killing various evil things in Kunark: lowers Venril Sathir ----- Faction is the sum of five factors: Race, Class, Religion, History, and Magic. Every NPC considers those five things in deciding whether he likes you. Each is a number, you add all five together and get: less than -801 -- scowls ready to attack -800 to -501 -- glares threateningly

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